Students in Years 3 to 6 attend a camp each year.

The camp for students in Years 3/4 is the DOXA City Camp where they stay in Melbourne for 2 nights and participate in a range of activities around the city.
Students attend dinner at a restaurant and explore many amazing sites that Melbourne has to offer.

The Cottage by the Sea camp is generally booked for students in Years 5&6.
This camp is for 5 nights and is situated in Queenscliff.
Students enjoy this participating in this camp and get to be involved in many exciting activities including beach visits, suring and exploring the local area around Queenscliff.

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Grade 6 Camp

In February our Grade 6 team will travel to Queenscliffe to participate in our annual camp:

Students will enjoy a range of experiences including surfing!

Cottage By the Sea

Written by Jacky Parmenter & Hayley Simpson

All of last week, the Year 6s went to a special camp called Cottage by the Sea! They had a week full of great experiences including: exploring Queenscliff and all of the amazing things that makes it such an awesome place to visit.
Most of the activities the Year 6’s participated in were involved around the water, for example: We went surfing and found out that we have very good surfers. We also went paddle boarding, fishing and sailing at Ocean Grove. We even got the chance to go rock pooling at Point Lonsdale where we were able to see marine life in its natural habitat.
We went to the marina in Queenscliff where we visited the 360Q

Lighthouse and were lucky enough to see some stingrays. We also got to learn a little about fresh and salt sea animals and their ancient history at The Marine and Discovery Centre and other adventures as well. But our favourite adventure was Ten Pin BOWLING!
To make camp even better, we had some fantastic leaders to share this experience with. Their names were Foxy, Natalie, Troy, Mel, Eboney and Steve-o. They are so nice and it was great to have them tag along for the ride.
I couldn’t possibly forget to mention one of the best parts of our time away and that was the food. We had so much yummy, delicious food like watermelon, chocolate brownies, chicken wraps and way more than you could possibly believe!
The Year 6s and Mr Shanks had a really great time at Cottage by the Sea camp and will hopefully get the opportunity to go back someday.


19th of July
On Wednesday 19th of July the grade 3/4 students went on a city camp.
The students arrived at Kananook Station at 8:30 AM, they got on the train at 8:45, they had to get another train to arrive at the city. When they got there it took a lot of walking to arrive at the camp eventually they got there they had to walk up lots of stairs to get to the common room. The DOXA staff told the students the rules, put the students into groups by colour and then we were told where our rooms were. Then we had to make our beds before we went out for the day.

After that the kids went to Graffiti Lane to see all of the graffiti and to take pictures. Then they went to the Big Issue to learn about how they help people who are marginalised in the city.

Next the 3/4 students went to Australian Centre Moving Image, some of the kids played games like Minecraft, Rocket League, Journey and other games. There was dark rooms, one of the rooms had a movie about an animal and there was old televisions where you could watch shows.

The classes had some spare time to go to a park for a quick play some of the kids played tag and ran up to the slide because it was very steep some of them even walked down the steep concrete.

Finally we went to the Blue Train for dinner. We had chips, spaghetti and pasta and for dessert we had vanilla ice cream. After dinner we went to the Eureka Sky Deck, which has 88 floors, and it takes 28 seconds in the elevator to get to the 88th floor. Red group went first, then blue group, then yellow group and then black group. Some of the kids were a little bit scared because the windows were so clean it looked like there was no windows. The kids and teachers went onto the viewing platform and they thought it was freezing, we went back to the elevator and went down to the very bottom of the sky deck. We walked back to the camp to go shower and go to sleep.
        DOXA city camp   


On the 20th of July we woke up from Tarquin setting off the alarm. But luckily, Shannon told Tarquin off so finally we got some more sleep. Eventually we woke up at the right time and got dressed and had breakfast. Later on, we left to go out walking again.
The grade3/4s were tired from walking so much, so we caught a tram to the MCG! We looked all around and saw lots of history and cricket players everywhere!  A few minutes later, we all went to a place called Game On! And played lots of sporty games, it was a lot of fun too!
It started to rain so we had lunch at the camp. After we had lunch, all of us got our bathers and towels to go to MSAC swimming centre and wave pool! Going to the wave pool was so exciting. Some people did not want to go in the water so they did not go in. After we swam some laps, we went on an inflatable obstacle course. Once everybody went on the obstacle course, we went in the wave pool! All of us had to wait a few minutes until waves came. Once we were ready we went on a huge water slide, all of us were able to have two shots and got ready to leave.
When we arrived back at camp we  realized that we were having a movie night! We were going to watch UP, and the teachers got us Popcorn for the movie too! After the movie we got ready to go to bed.  We all went to bed, excited for the next day.

Friday 21st July
Today was our last day and we were a little bit sad to be packing up to go home. We did however, have one last activity to do at the Arts Centre. When we arrived we were split into two groups and went into the Channel a centre. Here we had the opportunity to work with a music program called AcidPro which allowed us to make our own music. It was Awesome! Our train trip home felt like it took forever as everyone was really tired. Overall, we had a great time on camp and I want to say a huge thankyou to Mrs Williams, Mrs Woods, Mr Shanks, Wilson and Shannon for making the whole camp a really enjoyable experience.

Written by:
Harry Miles and Ashleigh Bennett