Graduation from Primary School is a significant milestone in a child’s life. It is a time filled with mixed emotions:

 Sadness as they part ways with many of their close, long term childhood friends

 A sense of pride in a school that nurtured and protected them through their early years

 Nostalgia as they look back over the countless happy, sad, proud and embarrassing memories of their journey through Mahogany Rise Primary School

 Excitement and nervousness as they anticipate the new opportunities, challenges and adventures that change brings

As their time at Mahogany Rise Primary School comes to a close, it is fitting that the achievements of the Year 6 students are proudly acknowledged at an official celebration in the form of a Graduation Presentation Ceremony.

As a child’s education is the culmination of the efforts of the students, parents, teachers and the wider community, invitations are extended to Local Members of Parliament, the Principal, Assistant Principal, teachers, parents/carers and students.

Students are called up and presented with their graduation certificates and specialist awards. It is a very exciting and significant time for students at Mahogany Rise Primary School as they are moving onto the next stage of their lives.
We congratulate the Graduates of 2016 and wish them a bright, happy and successful future.