HADIL© is an acronym for the ‘Holistic Approach to Developing the Individual Learner’

The objectives of HADIL© practices are:

‘To educate and empower our students so they can live healthy, happy and fulfilling lives.’

HADIL© addresses the social / emotional learning needs of our students and it is explicitly linked to the Victorian Curriculum.

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HADIL© practices improve our understandings of what it means to be healthy and how being healthy can improve our lives, now and into the future.
It makes a critical link between having a deeper understanding of ourselves as individuals and the importance this understanding has on our ability to identify personal reasons for coming to school, learning and succeeding. 

At Mahogany Rise, we recognise learners as individual people who evolve more effectively when development is approached more holistically.

We acknowledge this by placing a strong emphasis on improving student awareness and understanding of three main elements that we think define us as individual people. These elements include
The Body
The Mind
The Spirit 

We believe developing an individual’s awareness and understanding of these concepts nurtures a positive self-image, a healthy self-esteem and greater confidence. As these qualities become defined and embedded, learning becomes more purposeful and therefore more intrinsic.
The Mahogany Rise approach to implementing HADIL© encourages the individual student to understand themselves as a ‘whole entity’ that evolves from the overlapping relationships between the three main elements:

Body, Mind and Spirit.

In order to facilitate the nurturing of this concept, we explore each element separately, one over each term; term four becomes a time to review, reflect and consolidate the learning and growth achieved during the previous terms.

Through this process, students investigate how their perspective of ‘self’ has changed and how these new understandings impact their lives now as well as in their futures. Emphasis is also placed on how our improved perspective of self can help us to become an active and more positive member of our community.
For more information about the HADIL program, please contact Richard Kornfeld, Mahogany Rise Primary School