Students at Mahogany Rise Primary School participate in regular incursions and excursions that support the learning they are undertaking in the classroom or in specialist classes.

Incursions being an activity that students participate IN the vicinity of the school and an excursions being an activity where students participate in an activity OUT of the school.

Activities are planned based on the curriculum and will support the learning that is going on in the classroom. Some recent activities that have been booked for our students include
- The annual end of year Beach Excursion for the whole school at Frankston beach complete with lifeguards
- Trips to Melbourne city to attend shows at the Arts Centre
- Attending schools in the local area to participate in various activities.

Some incursions that have been organised for our students include
- Mindfulness Sessions
- Book Week shows and performances
- Coach Approach day where students participate in sporting activities that are run by professional coaches.

Students at Mahogany Rise Primary School may be eligible for the CAMPS SPORTS and EXCURSIONS FUND which may be used to assist in paying of activities that incur costs including school camps.
Please contact the office to find out more information about CSEF and your eligibility.
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