India & Europe

On Wedensday the 19th of July 2017 some very lucky students visited India to visit our friends in Madurai and experience Indian culture.

This was an amazing opportunity for students to experience the world and see how other cultures live first hand. 

To see what our Mahogany Rise students got up to in their travels... check out their blog with the link below!
Mahogany Rise India Trip Blog
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Mahogany Rise also sends a group of students to Europe Biannually.

During these trips students have visited London, Paris, Scotland and a various number of famous landmarks and attractions.

These life experiences are invaluable and are once in a lifetime opportunities!
In 2018 Mahogany Rise Primary School will be running 2 overseas learning experiences. One trip to India and one trip to Europe.
For more information on our overseas trips in 2018, please contact the school.