Mahogany Rise PS provides a unique and innovative oral language program. 

- Teachers and speech pathologists work together to provide the program in a                  collaborative approach. 

- The program is based on the latest research regarding children’s development of both language and literacy. 

- It is delivered to the whole class, but is tailored to meet every child’s individual learning needs.

 By combining the language program with the literacy program students achieve

high levels of academic growth
To assist you with the implementation of similiar programs in your school, please visit the Language in the Classroom website by clicking on the below link:
Language in the Classroom Website
Our Language program at MRPS is internationally recognised with our Speech Pathologist Pam Thuan and Principal John Culley presenting at the 2017 Speech Pathology conference.
If you would like to know more about our oral language program please contact MRPS and ask to speak to our speech pathologist, Pam.