At Mahogany Rise Primary School we offer a Literacy Program that strives for excellence in Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening.
We dedicate a minimum of two hours of our daily program to Literacy, whereby our highly skilled teachers deliver a well planned and structured program that is specifically designed to meet the needs of each individual student.

Our Literacy program is guided by the Victorian Curriculum and incorporates the Daily CAFE reading framework and the VCOP framework for writing.

Students are exposed to a variety of high quality texts as we foster a love for reading in all of our students. 

At MRPS we combine our Literacy Program with our highly innovative and successful Language Program.
This involves Teachers and Speech Pathologists working together to personally design a curriculum that meets the specific learning needs of each child.

This program has led to exciting results and learning outcomes.

We celebrate our latest NAPLAN results which show that every student in grade 5 has improved by at least 2 years in reading!
Home Reading

Home reading is valued highly in our school community and we enjoy working with our parents to achieve excellent results.
Wondering how you can  help your child with their home reading?

Check out our information sheet by clicking the link to our Parent Home Reading Guide 

Parent Home Reading Guide
                                        Reading at MRPS

At Mahogany Rise Primary School  we base our lessons around the "Independent Reading structure". This structure ensures that every reading session involves key elements to ensure that each student is provided with explicit skill instruction and is given an opportunity to practice this skill, at their own reading level, daily.

These key elements include:
Word Chat (phonemic awareness skills)
Get Ready Time (preparation of our working area to ensure smooth transitions during the session
Mini Lesson (Explicit instruction of a reading skill)
Independent reading time (Students practice this skill in their own 'just right' books)
Reflection and Share (students reflect on their learning and progress on their learning goals.


It is important to provide a clear, organised and well structured reading lesson... but it is also vital to ensure that students are taught the skills they need to expand on their reading. At MRPS we also use the CAFE reading framework in every classroom.

The CAFE reading framework provides a MENU of the reading strategies that students need to become better readers.  
At Mahogany Rise Primary School, every student is working on their own individual learning goal that has been carefully selected to suit their specific needs. Students are given the opportunity to work on their learning goal daily. 

The reading skills are broken into four main categories; Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, Expanding vocabulary

If you would like to know more about your child's individual learning goals, please feel free to speak to our friendly classroom teachers to discuss what you can do at home.

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