"Building positive relationships between Mahogany Rise PS and Monterey SC... nurturing a long-term creative culture in both schools which is led by teachers and students"
Polyglot Theatre places children at the heart of their art. Their vision is of a future where children are powerful: artistically, socially and culturally.

Polyglot Theatre is Australia’s leading creator of interactive and participatory theatre for children and families. Their distinctive artistic philosophy has placed them at the international forefront of contemporary arts experiences for babies and children up to 12 years, meeting with professional acclaim and recognition around the world. Inspired by the artwork, play and ideas of children, we create imagined worlds where audiences actively participate in performance through touch, play and encounter.


Outer Bounds is the fifth instalment of Polyglot’s six-year relationship with Mahogany Rise Primary School and Monterey Secondary College in Frankston North.
This extended school residency has encompassed projects working across all year levels from kindergarten through to Year 6, resulting in many surprising and unexpected outcomes.
Emphasis is placed on building positive relationships between Mahogany Rise Primary School and Monterey Secondary College as children transition from one to the other; nurturing a long-term creative culture in both schools which is led by teachers and students.
Since beginning the relationship, the program has evolved to explore the challenges that the children face as they move from primary to secondary school.
 Over the past four years, the program has focussed on resilience during periods of change and transition, and exploring the children’s identities.
Past projects have taken shape in diverse forms including shadow puppet adventures into unknown worlds, the transformation of a school hall into an unrecognisable maze, and a VJ film and dance performance at Frankston Arts Centre.
Most recently students created a performance that was held in the Pines Flora and Fauna reserve.

Watch the 2015 Outer Bounds Revolution of the Rise using stop motion at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7Q7KtFGQAA

Student Reflections

Polyglot Reflect and Expect
Polyglot has honestly been on eof the best experiences this year!

7 weeks ago, when polyglot came into our school I was not excited. But once I got used to the fact we were all going to be working together as one to make this amazing film I was so estatic! I absolutely love how Sue and the rest of the team was to open-minded and so positive all the time.

Now that we have a HUGE performance tomorrow and it is almost over... it feels terrible.

It was amazing getting to know everyone and what they can truly do. I am so thankful for everything.


                                      By Sam 5/6H
"... a future where children are powerful artistically, socially and culturally"
Polyglot Reflect and Expect 
About 7 weeks ago, 5/6H met this amazing crew from the Performing Arts centre called Polyglot. From 7 weeks ago until now has been the best 7 weeks at school I've ever had.
Our class has done lots of stuff like creating music, playing games and a brilliant play that we are developing. The way I felt was well when they came the first day. I really enjoyed it.
Now it's coming to an end and our play is ready to be seen by parents and anyone that walks past the Frankston Arts Centre.
The crew is Sue the funny one, Nick the acrobatics guy, Jason the filmer, Silvie the person everyone talks to, Wilson the music guy and lucky last, Lexie, the one who is always organised.
I've had lots of fun. I don't want it to end but it has to. Hopefully I'll see them again one day.
                                         By Klara 5/6H