In 2013, Mahogany Rise Primary School in Frankston North became the first in Australia to "crowdfund" an award winning, life changing, overseas learning experience project.
This amazing project has given our students the opportunity to travel to various locations across Europe, form lasting relationships and connections with student's and teachers across the world and explore different cultures and traditions.




We are always crowdfunding for our next overseas learning experience and we would love your support - big or small. If you would like to donate money to this amazing experience you can donate through our Go Fund Me website .

We also need you to share our story by sharing it across your networks.
In 2016, Mahogany Rise expanded the project to bring on board our Frankston North neighbours at Aldercourt Primary School.
In May 2016, we were able to "crowdfund' an overseas learning experience for a total of 12 children from Year 4 and Year 5, which departed in October 2016.
Along the way we've produced numerous films documenting our three overseas projects to date. The films can be viewed on the Together We Rise website at:

Read more about our story in The Age newspaper at: ​​